About the Book - Optimist's Guide to Divorce
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About the Book

When Jill and Suzanne were each going through their divorces, they planned to binge-read their way through the pain and learn from the experiences of divorced women who had preceded them. They searched for answers in the self-help section of the bookstore. They found clinical tomes written by marriage counselors and divorce lawyers. They also found memoirs written by women who were able to travel the world to find themselves and, eventually, happiness with a new man. Jill and Suzanne were looking for something different: uplifting advice from women who had survived their divorces and could inspire her by sharing their lessons, admitting their mistakes, and showing her realistic paths to a new and better place. This book didn’t exist … so they decided to write it. We hope you find in its pages support, comfort, help and humor.

Praise for The Optimist’s Guide

“This is not just a book about how to survive the vicissitudes of a divorce; it’s about how to create a better life. Coming out whole on the other side of even the most devastating divorce is more than possible—if you read this book, it’s a sure thing. Riss and Sockwell don’t just point the way, they take you by the hand and make the journey with you. This really is a guide to a new life—to a new you—so enjoy the journey with two very wise guides.” —DENNIS MERRITT JONES, author of The Art of Uncertainty

“The Optimist’s Guide to Divorce is a straight-talking fount of information for your heart, sanity, and soul during the horrendous slog of divorce. It’s the book (and club) I wish I’d had—peace of mind on every page and more useful than your best friend. Buy it.” —V.C. CHICKERING, author of Nookietown

“A clever guide for those navigating through the nightmare of divorce. A must-read filled with great stories, tips, and humor, as well as many different points of view.” —JODI TOPITZ, author of Seriously! As If Going Through a Divorce Wasn’t Bad Enough. . .

“An indispensable go-to guide. Filled with humor, heart and hard-won wisdom—the perfect balance of compassion and constructive advice—this book will help you navigate the entire process, and empower you to emerge stronger, wiser and happier.” —JEAN GROSSMAN, Certified Professional Life Coach, Relationships and Family Recovery

“I recommend this book to men as well as to clinicians interested in gaining valuable insight into women’s journeys through divorce. Readers are invited to explore relationship patterns, longings and disappointments so that they may learn about themselves and grow.” —THEODORE LAQUERCIA, PhD, author of Is Love Necessary

“Like having a heart-to-heart with a compassionate, no-nonsense best friend. It’s chock-full of wisdom, practical advice, encouragement,and what every woman in the midst of a divorce needs the most: hope.” — CYNTHIA L. COPELAND, author of Good Riddance: An Illustrated Memoir of Divorce

“An excellent, easy-to-read tour of the twisting roads you’ll need to travel to get through a difficult divorce in the best shape. Full of practical, compassionate, sometimes humorous, always wise advice from the women of the Maplewood Divorce Club.” — LAWRENCE BIRNBACH, PhD, author of How to Know If It’s Time to Go: A 10-Step Reality Test for Your Marriage

“A valuable resource for recently divorced women who need to get back on track.” — Starred review in November 15th issue of the Library Journal

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