How to Be an Optimist - Optimist's Guide to Divorce
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How to Be an Optimist

The Optimist’s Manifesto

When we were going through our divorces, we realized that we shared the same attitude and intention. We wanted the pain of our separations to serve a purpose—to be a catalyst for something better. As optimists, we wanted to challenge the notion that divorce is necessarily one of the worst things that will ever happen to you. Of course, there are feelings of sorrow and loss that can’t be sidestepped. There is also a chance to rally the village and carry one another during this difficult time. We were determined to find a way to make the best of it and grow through the experience.

In The Optimist’s Guide to Divorce, we help you try on the attitude of being an optimist, if this doesn’t come naturally to you. This means you listen for the good, focus on what is going well, and decide to make your own sunshine, even while you weather personal storms. We found that nurturing an optimistic outlook helped us not only as we went through our divorces but also as we continue to navigate our lives.

Words of Inspiration