Optimist's Guide to Divorce | How to Get Through Your Breakup and Create a New Life You Love
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For the more than one million women who get divorced each year, welcome to your support group.

Shortly after their marriages ended, Suzanne Riss and Jill Sockwell realized that the best way through divorce is with the support of other women who understand what you’re going through, who know the practical issues as well as the emotional ones, and who can help you keep a sense of hope and a sense of humor. Brimming with stories and insights, from-the-trenches tips, and sanity-saving takeaways, The Optimist’s Guide to Divorce (buy now at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, Indiebound, Workman, iBooks, Google, Kobo) is a girlfriend-to-girlfriend guide that prepares you for each phase of divorce, from having “the talk,” to figuring out where to live, to co-parenting with an ex, to rebounding and rebooting your life. Covering the process from start to finish, this comforting and uplifting book makes it easy to jump in no matter where you are in your journey. And, even better, to make the choices that will ultimately help you develop a better relationship with the one person you’ll be with for the rest of your life—yourself.

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About the Authors

When Suzanne Riss (left) and Jill Sockwell met several years ago, they were determined to make the best of what felt like one of the worst times of their lives. They wanted the pain of their separations to be a catalyst for something better. As optimists, they wanted to challenge the notion that divorce is necessarily one of the worst things that will ever happen to you. Their weekly “walk and talks,” powering through their neighborhood, sharing what they were learning about divorce and their hopes for the future, became the start of this book.

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